I applyed to the 2018 edition of the program.

Here is the document i send on March 15

Here is the answer i receive:

  1. March 15 : Hello,
    Thank you for you application!
    We will be in touch with applicants we wish to interview shortly after applications close.
  2. March 22: Hi Jean Francois,
    1. Thank you so much for your application. It was a pleasure reviewing your submission and we value the effort that was made.
      Unfortunately, at this time, we will be unable to offer you an interview for the PCTP program. We received three times more applications than we were expecting, which was an excellent indication on how much this program is needed in the city.
      We strongly recommend you apply again, if this program is offered in the future.
      Please keep up to date with Generator because we are always posting opportunities.
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      Again, we appreciate your application and are grateful for all the time you took to submit.
      Hope to stay in touch,
      Generator Team
  3.  I called asking if i can have a feed back.
  4. April 4: Hi Jean-Francois,
    I understand that you are interested in feedback. We had 63 applications for this program and 6 positions. As this program is focused on writing the number of spelling errors in your application eliminated you from making the next round of the application. We would love to be able to better accommodate ESL speakers and writers, but are unable to at this time.
    We encourage you to apply again.
  5. I want to call Kristina to ask her if i can attend to the course as observator, before Friday April 27


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